No need to pay the driver if taxi meter is not working

Saleh Al-Zuwaid, spokesman of the Saudi Public Transport Authority (PTA) said that the passenger has the right to not pay for a ride when the electronic meter is not operational.

The Taxis are entitled to charge in accordance with the taxi meter. However, if the taxi is operating with a non-functional meter and charging a fare according to their own choice, then the passenger has the right to get a free ride.

Shedding further light on the laws that are to be abided by the taxi drivers, Saleh Al Zuwaid told that the Taxis shall be equipped with an electronic meter to calculate the fare of the ride.

The prices of some services are fixed and thereby there shall be an electronic fare, screens, and meters for the passengers.

Taxis that are inside the Airport shall also provide the passengers with an option of electronic payments, they shall be equipped with electronic screens, fares, and free internet.

Al Zuwaid added that the ministry has been having continuous inspection tours to ensure that quality services are being provided to the people of Saudi Arabia.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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