No More University Jobs for Expats in Saudi Arabia – MOE

No more hiring of expats in Saudi Universities

After 100% Saudization in many sectors, the government is now heading towards the education sector. According to the new rules, the government universities shall hire Saudi teachers only.

However, a government university can only hire an expatriate if there are no available qualified Saudi teachers. This means that expatriates can only be hired in a government university as a faculty member only if no qualified Saudi is available.

The Ministry of Education has made it clear that all universities shall follow the given set of instructions.

Replacement of current staff

Even if a foreigner is hired, as soon as universities find a qualified Saudi, they shall replace him/her with the expat teacher. In other words, as soon as they find an appropriate replacement for an expat teacher, they would stop renewing his contract.

It will improve the Saudi employment rate

Saudi universities have been sending Saudi lecturers to renowned universities around the world to upgrade their qualifications as they are undertaking specialized studies there.

When they return with successful specialization, they will be ready to undertake a job in the universities of Saudi Arabia.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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