No more new expat dentists in Saudi Arabia – MOH

The HRD Ministry and the Ministry of Health have resolved to stop hiring expat dentists in order to facilitate the employment of Saudis. 

The DG of the HRD Ministry Dr. Ayed Al-Harthy has sent a circular in this respect to all directorates of health affairs to stop hiring foreign dentists across the Kingdom. 

Dentist Afnan Al-Sulami said that unemployment among Saudi dentists is “a major problem.”

According to an online report, 4,000 Saudi dentists are unemployed and unable to find jobs. Many dentists criticized that a local Saudi dentist is paid only SR 4,000 monthly which is just 20% of a foreigner’s salary. 

According to the experts, jobs are available but hospitals are hiring foreigners usually. Recommended: 55% Saudization on Dentist Jobs

He also said that there are many dentists who are graduated and are doing jobs that are not even related to their studies such as working at restaurants, bakeries, and in unrelated positions to earn something.

They also said that citizens are hired as receptionists and security workers by the health facilities and for a dentist, a foreigner is hired. The ratio of Saudi doctors is one Saudi among 2 foreign doctors.

Source: Arab News

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