No Dubai Trip: Indian wife punches husband to death

An Indian wife Renuka, killed her husband for not taking her to Dubai to celebrate her birthday. Renuka married to Nikhil Khanna 6 years ago and it was a love marriage.

Nikhil Khanna was a 36-year-old businessman, related to the construction industry in Pune.

Why did she kill him?

Renuka showed her desire to celebrate her upcoming birthday in Dubai but Nikhil Khana did not agree due to his business commitments. After killing her husband, Renuka also made a statement that she was not given any expensive gifts and thus she was outraged in anger when the two had quarrel.

Moreover, she also stated that Khana did not give a good response to her wish of going  to Delhi for celebrating the birthday of her relatives.

She punched him

Thus, when they were arguing over this, Renuka could not control her anger and punched hard on Khanna’s face. She punched him so hard that his front teeth and nose broke.

This caused heavy bleeding and he died of the pain and blood loss. Renuka has been arrested and is under police custody for investigation and to be filed a criminal case.

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