I will not allow any discrimination between Saudis and Expats – King Salman

Recently officials of Human society for human rights (NSHR) met King Salman. The delegation comprised of President of Human rights commission Bandar Al-Aiban and president of NSHR Mufleh Al-Qahtani along with some other senior team members who are contributing to the establishment of equality of rights for residents of Saudi Arabia. The officials briefed King Salman about activities of society and improvement in circumstances of human rights and implementation of laws in Saudi Arabia at Al-Yamamah Palace. The purpose of these two societies is to ensure equality of rights for expats as are facilitated to Saudis. King Salman emphasized his concern about protection of human rights based on Islamic jurisprudence. He mentioned further that Kingdom is keen to provide all basic rights to expats on equal terms as are available to Saudi nationals.[irp]

The core of human rights foundation prevailing in Saudi Arabia is Sharia and Sunnah. The Kingdom is willing to apply all terms of the charter of human rights prescribed by Holy Prophet PBUH. He made assurance to the delegation that there would be no discrimination in practice of human rights between Saudi nationals and expats residing in Kingdom. As Stated by King Salman Saudi law is solely based on golden principles of Quran and Hadith which have widely protected human rights even during war times. It is the core of an Islamic state that justice and consultation would be the priority of Islamic ruler (Imam).

Expats are facing various difficulties in Saudi Arabia. They are majorly staying in lieu of their jobs and 85 % of expats are involved in low-status jobs like casual labor. Expats are contributing to the success of Saudi Arabia as they are doing basic chores of the country. In this case, they truly deserve for all necessities and human rights as Saudi law prescribes to its nationals. King Salman emphasized, being the custodian of Holy land of Makkah, he is personally concerned with piece of all residents without any discrimination of expats or nationals. He said his government is so keen to provide quick and cheap justice to everyone and he believes in freedom of expression as this is the beauty of Islam and is right of residents.

The basic issue, Kingdom is facing is resentment among expats due to various divisions and discriminatory behaviors by different sectors and natives. The sense of impartiality has to be eliminated to bring complete peace in Justice and to establish a welfare state as Holy Prophet P.B.U.H created after migration in Madinah. He showed his keen interest for establishment and prosperity of private bodies such as NSHR and others to regulate human right practices.[irp]

The outcome of the meeting King Salman emphasized over equality of rights and duties of expats and natives of Saudi Arabia. They both are basic pioneers and contribute equally to create a peaceful Islamic state based on the sole of Sharia. He satisfied officials by ensuring that sole of the judicial system in Saudi Arabia will never be undermined or compromised ever.

Source: Al Arabiya

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