No customs duty for personal belongings worth SR 3,000

No Customs Duty on Personal Belongings

The Saudi customs have announced the exemption of customs duties on personal belongings up to SR 3,000.

It means that if you are bringing a TV, Mobile Phone, or any other item worth SR 3,000 to Saudi Arabia, there will be no customs duties on that. However, you still have to pay 15% on the imported goods.

No Customs Duty on Personal Shipments

It also announced that there would be no need to pay the customs duties on personal shipments if the purchasing value is less than SR 1,000 including the value of goods and freight charges.

In other words, if you order online something from China worth less than SR 1,000, there will be no customs duties.

No Customs Duty for Saudi Students

Moreover, Saudi scholarship students who are pursuing education under the foreign scholarship program will also be exempted from customs duties at the end of their studies or the end of work abroad.

Customs duty on the import of cars

While importing a car to the Kingdom, the customs duty for the vehicle will be 5% of the vehicle’s value in addition to 15% VAT. 

Source: Saudi Gazette

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