No Boarding Pass to passengers wearing “Tight” and “Revealing Clothes” – Saudi Airlines

Saudi Airlines have just revealed that all passengers shall comply with the dress code to enjoy Saudi airlines service. A restrictive dress code has been thereby announced and is now available on their official website as well.

Accordingly, all the passengers, indifferent to their nationality, shall wear modest clothes. If any passenger does not abide by the dress code, the airline will refuse to carry the passenger. So no matter what your nationality is, what your religion is if you are traveling through Saudi airlines from or to Saudi Arabia, you shall not be wearing clothes that are too tight and too thin.

All women shall there by cover their arms and legs and shall wear clothes that are neither see through nor short. Men are prohibited from wearing shorts while traveling through Saudi Airlines.

Ali Al Ghamdi who is the Riyadh’s former head of the tourism and health sector claimed that these are general rules. In fact, these rules are issued by the International Air Transport Association (which is abbreviated as IATA). So these rules are not made by the airlines in general, they are made by an international body.

He further added that these rules are not even specific to Saudi Airlines. All airlines operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are to follow the same set of rules. This is not something unique either. Airlines around the world have different rules. This rule may vary in a degree yet there are similar rules practiced internationally.

However, some passengers have highly criticized the rule altogether. Few say that the airlines never informed about the dress code even when the flights were booked. Also, some say that this is very inconvenient for them they either had to purchase new clothes in a rush or just had to cancel their flights; in both cases they faced trouble.

Many of such passengers were either foreigners or Saudi national women who were returning back to Saudi Arabia. These passengers failed to comply with the dress code.

While others just bashed at this new regulation. They said that we need to realize that we are living in the 21st century. We cannot order anyone and too when they are paying for traveling. They purchased their tickets, they have all the rights to wear what suits them for their traveling.

This is a big news and it went viral on social media: Having the power to give out an opinion on social media, people spoke out differently. While some appreciated the dress code restriction, others heavily criticized it. So mixed reactions were seen on social media.

Those who support it believe that it is a great step. This airline provides prayer area and a local airline shall be encouraged. They questioned that why people are after local airlines? Some even said that they did not wish to see people dressed immodestly, thereby putting a ban on people on wearing such clothes is a great step.

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