What is the ban for violating the re-entry visa?

Many people ask me this question is there a possibility to come back to Saudi Arabia after the expiry of their exit re-entry visa? Many are also interested to know what is the ban for violating re-entry visa? Today I will try to enlighten this topic with the experiences of readers of the blog and news sources.

The ban for violating re-entry visa is only applicable to work visa

First of all, it is important to clarify that this article focuses the expatriates working on the employment visa. This is not applicable to dependents of workers. In other words, if a dependent violates re-entry visa and does not come back within the expiry, the ban will not be imposed on him.

What is the ban for violating the re-entry visa?

As per Decision No. 825 issued in the year 1395 (the equivalent of Gregorian 1975), expatriates who “violate” their contract would be fined SR10,000 and banned for 3 years from re-entering the Kingdom.

“Violation” here pertains to people who go on vacation and do not return! In other words, they are violating the re-entry visa. Recommended: How to check if you are blacklisted in Saudi Arabia?

Can we Enter Saudi Arabia on Work Visa? 

If an employee leaves the Kingdom on exit re-entry visa and does not come back to Saudi Arabia within the validity of the visa, he will be banned to enter Saudi Arabia for 3 years.

Even if your visa is processed, you would not be able to enter Saudi Arabia by immigration authorities for violating the re-entry visa. The ban period will start from the date of expiry of the exit re-entry visa. Source: Arab News

Is this rule applicable to dependents? 

If the exit re-entry visa of a dependent expires, the sponsor can apply for the extension of exit re-entry visa. Read: “What to do if Exit Re-Entry Visa of a Dependent Expires”?

If the dependent’s exit re-entry visa does not meet the requirements of extension, you can cancel their iqamas and apply for their new permanent family visa as there is no ban for violating the re-entry visa on them.

Can we Enter Saudi Arabia on a Dependent Visa?

Some people have shared their experiences of applying for the permanent family visa or family visit visa for their spouses who were working in Saudi Arabia under a different sponsor and had left the country on an exit re-entry visa which was expired.

Their application for both Permanent Family Visa and Family Visit Visa were rejected with a message that they cannot return back to the Kingdom on an Iqama for a period of 3 years for violating the re-entry visa.

Once again, it does not apply to the dependents who leave the Kingdom on an Exit Re-Entry Visa and do not come back.

Can we come on Hajj and Umrah Visa?

If someone is banned for any period of time, it does not include Hajj and Umrah Visa. It means that particular individual can still come back to Saudi Arabia on Umrah or Hajj visa.

Can we go to other GCC countries?

However, there is no problem in going to other GCC countries on the work visa. Although a GCC Wide Ban has been proposed for expatriates. However, it is not yet implemented.

An Alarming Case: Hello Steve, my brother used to work for a company in Saudi Arabia and two years ago he left on exit re-entry visa and somehow managed to leave the company and the country.

After 2 months he applied for another Gulf state to find a new job and been detained and sent back to Saudi Arabia from the airport of that Gulf state.

They said that without knowledge of my brother his previous employer had registered a police case against him of stealing money and run away. Right now he is in prison. 

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