Nevin Darwish: The first female Arab pilot to fly world’s biggest commercial plane

Like I said before, 2018 is a year of women. Since the beginning of the year, women have been able to achieve milestones. Women around the world are doing wonders.

In this regard, the Arab women are no far behind. They are competing in the race equally.

The Arab women are showing the world that they are no less than the other women. Provided with opportunities, they can also reach the sky. Yes, the skies are the goals for these passionate ladies.

One such lady who dreamt of reaching sky has finally achieved her dream.  We are talking about none other than Nevin Darwish.

She is a young Egyptian pilot who has the honor of being first female belonging to the Arab world to fly the world’s biggest commercial aircraft. She has been appointed by the renowned Emirates Airline to fly the Airbus 380!

This is simply amazing. Who could have thought that Arab women would be handling planes now! And not ordinary planes but the world’s largest plane.

Entering the profession of a pilot is not an easy job, especially if one hails from Arab countries. One has to show skills and compassion to reap the goals and their dreams.

The news of Nevin Darwish being appointed to fly Airbus 380 by Emirates Airlines broke the internet as soon as the Airline’s official Youtube channel uploaded a video filming Captain Nevine Darwish flying the prestigious A380 from Dubai to Vienna.

She flew the plane on the very special day of International Women’s Day. In the very video, we can see Alia Al Muhairi along with the young Arab pilot. Al Muhairi, according to Emirates Airlines, is an officer appointed at the Emirates.

Al Muhairi has the honor of being the youngest Emirati female pilot. She hails from UAE and is operating the Emirates A380 aircraft. The video is making rounds on social media and people are praising the two ladies.

Both the girls have made us proud and we wish them the very best for their future. So girls out there, dream big: if these two can reach the sky, why can’t you? These women have proven that no dream is impossible to achieve!

At this point of time, women are standing side by side to men to do anything and everything men are doing. Women are in every profession of the world proving themselves that they are as good as men or sometimes even better than them.

Source: Al Arabiya

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