Never Pay an Overweight Baggage Fee by following Useful Tips

Everyone likes to plan a trip and a spontaneous trip is even better. But what people forget is the packing bit. It becomes overwhelming when you have to squeeze in your necessities and wants into a luggage keeping in mind the weight limit attached.

For some, the art of packing comes naturally for the others it’s what makes them rethink their decision to plan the getaway. The airlines are benefitting from those who cannot pack to save their lives, the always exceed the assigned weight limit and are charged for the extra weight.

As the duration of the trip varies, not everyone can squeeze in their clothing and belongings in the assigned weight limit. A few tips help stay within the limit.

Firstly, one must categorize the content of the luggage as what we must take and what we want to take. We must pack our basic everyday clothing and some formal attire.

We must check the weather of the destination to ensure we are packing the correct clothing. The nature of the trip should also be kept in mind while packing, is the trip work-related or luxurious.

The non-essential pile which you would like to take should include the extra things you would like to carry but could survive even without them.

If you want to carry something which is essentially like your boots which you feel will add unnecessary weight to the luggage, then it is advised to wear them while traveling to have space and weight in the luggage for the remaining necessities.

Secondly, we should first pack the essential pile which we need for the trip and include the basics. We should pack the heaviest items to the lightest.

The heavy items occupy more space and should be crammed into the tiniest bag first as larger suitcases with heavy objects tend to become overweight whereas tiny suitcases with heavy items do not exceed the limit, this is only because as the size of the suitcase increases, the empty weight of the suitcase also increases.

No space should be left and all gaps should be covered with small items and clothing. Once the essentials have been packed we start packing the non-essentials.

All the toiletries must be double packed to prevent any leakage in the bag as due to the pressure during the flight, certain containers burst or leak.

We can also keep our essentials in the carry-on and keep any heavy item in the pursuit to prevent the luggage from exceeding the limit; one should avoid keeping any liquids in the hand carry as they could leak and cause a hassle for the traveler.

Once you have packed in this manner we can keep adding from our non-essential pile till be don’t reach the weight limit.

We should always try to keep a few pounds below the limit to avoid any problems at the airport as a hurdle at the beginning of the trip can spoil the entire trip. If you follow these tips, you will not have to pay extra for the luggage.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.