My Uncle gives me electric shocks – 11 years old Saudi boy

A Saudi national 11 years old boy was being physically assaulted and abused by his maternal uncles. According to the sources, he was given electric shocks using electric wires.

A duty manager at Sibya hospital informed Jazan police about the arrival of an injured child. The child’s body revealed that he was brutally treated. His body was covered with injuries that came from assaults.

This call made police active and concerned authorities had to jump into the matter.  They reached his house where the boy was kept and found electric wires which were used to give him electric shocks.

Once they were done, the boy was thrown out of the house. The violence had caused injuries and bruises at different parts of the boy’s body especially at the back, pelvis, thighs, forearms, and chest.

Medical reports claim that the boy would take 10 days to recover.  The police has ensured that all the suspects have been arrested.

We hope that investigation would be set up soon and justice would be done. We pray for the speedy recovery of the boy!

Source: Arab News

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