Experience of getting COVID-19 vaccine in Saudi Arabia

I just had my Covid-19 vaccine and thought to ink down the entire experience of getting vaccinated in Jeddah.

Schedule an appointment for the COVID-19 vaccine

  • First of all, you need to register for the COVID vaccine in KSA.
  • Open the “Sehhaty” application to confirm the appointment once they send you an SMS.
  • You will receive another SMS with the link to the location.

The Google map’s linked location dropped me at the South Terminal at the Jeddah airport. 

What to carry for the appointment?

Make sure to carry the following documents on the day of the COVID-19 appointment in Saudi Arabia;

  1. Original Iqama.
  2. The mobile with the COVID-19 appointment screenshot.

Get the token 

The staff was waiting there for the visitors and were helping them to understand the process. They helped us to get me registered right away. I was handed down my number which allowed me to know which section to proceed with. 

Inside the cubicle

In no time, I was taken to a cubicle. A nurse came in the cubical, asked some health-related questions, and made me aware of the possible post-vaccine side effects such as soreness or little swelling. A form is handed down which you need to read and sign.

The Vaccine shot

The vaccine I received is from Pfizer. I would advise you to wear loose clothes to avoid sleeve-roll ups. The injection did not hurt its an ordinary injection.

The post-vaccine experience

After the vaccine had been injected, I was asked to wait in the waiting area for 15 minutes just to see if any severe side-effects would emerge and if I needed immediate medical assistance.

I showed no severe side-effects or any in general and thereby left the waiting area after being examined.

Source: Susie of Arabia

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