Mutah marriage is Haram in Islam – Grand Mufti

What is Mutah marriage?

In Mutah marriage, a man and woman enter into a Nikah agreement for some hours, months, or years for sexual pleasure and then divorce each other.

A marriage where both man and a woman had the intention of holding a divorce after a certain time period is not allowed in Islam.

Why is Mutah marriage Haram?

According to Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdulaziz Bin Abdullah Al-Ashaikh if one is having an intention of marrying someone for some particular time period, such a marriage is not allowed in Islam.

It is like circumventing the rules established by Allah and maneuvering them for personal desires. If you allow this practice, it is like legalizing prostitution in Islamic society.

People would enter into a one-night marriage contract with a call girl against Mehar (her fee) and divorce her in the morning.

Mutah marriage is Haram in Islam – Grand Mufti

Would you allow your daughter to marry like this?

Can you arrange a marriage of your daughter or sister with a man whom you know will divorce her later? Certainly not! Then who are you to cheat with daughter or sister someone? Think about it at least once!

While marrying, your intention should be of holding the bond forever! 

Muslim men who go to other countries under scholarship programs get married to a woman mainly for sexual pleasure with the intention to divorce her shortly before their studies are completed. 

If you call for basic ethics, young men, you are cheating upon the lady! Does Islam allow us to cheat?  How would you justify yourselves? This is a fraud. 

Source: Saudi Gazette

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