How to apply for Mumaris plus account?

Every medical professional in Saudi Arabia needs to register with the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS) by creating a new account and applying for classification with Mumaris plus.

Required Documents

The following documents should be available on your computer before creating a new account and applying for classification in SCFHS Mumaris plus. 

  1. Photograph.
  2. Passport copy.
  3. Degree or diploma.
  4. Academic transcript.
  5. Dataflow verification of degree.
  6. Employment Certificates.
  7. Certificate of Registration/Licensing.
  8. Dataflow verification of License.
  9. Dataflow reference number.
  10. R&C Exam Eligibility ID.
  11. Prometric exam (R&C) result.

Mumaris plus new account

First of all, open the following website to create a new account.

Mumaris plus new accountThere will be two options from where you need to select “Individual”.

Mumaris plus new accountFill the form to create a new Mumaris plus account and click on the “signup button”.

Mumaris plus new accountNow login to your Mumaris plus account and click on the “New Services” and then “Professional Classification” button.

Now click on the “Apply Now” button and fill the declaration form. In normal cases, all the questions will be answered with “No”.

Mumaris plus classification - Declaration

Personal information

On the personal information page, you need to upload your photograph and the passport copy.

Mumaris plus classification - Personal Information


On the Education page, you need to enter your highest qualification, and upload the following;

  • Degree or diploma.
  • Academic transcript.
  • Dataflow verification of degree.
  • Dataflow reference number.

Mumaris plus classification - Education

Work Experience

On the work experience page, you need to add the details of all your previous jobs and upload the related employment certificates.

Mumaris plus classification - Work ExperienceOnce the employment details are added, click on the “Add Work Experience” button again and select “A certificate of Registration/Professional Licensing” and upload;

  • Certificate of Registration/License.
  • Dataflow verification of License.
  • Dataflow reference number.

Application details

On the application details page, enter your professional field, specialty, and qualification. Moreover, if you have already taken your Prometric or R&C exam, you need to enter the following details;

  • Enter R&C Eligibility ID.
  • Upload Prometric Result Copy.

Mumaris plus classification - Application details


If all the details are filled in correctly, submit the application which will take you to the payment screen. You can either pay SCFHS Mumaris plus fee through SADAD or a credit card.

Congratulations, you have successfully created a new account with Mumaris plus and applied for the classification to the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties. The SCFHS responds back within one to three weeks.

Mumaris plus classification

What Next?

Professional Classification: The first step before being registered as a health practitioner in SCFHS is creating a new account with Mumaris plus (explained above).

Professional Registration: Register officially as a health practitioner. 

Professional Re-Registration: The renewal of professional registration as a health practitioner.

Recognition of CPD Hours: Recording CPD hours obtained abroad or through self-learning activities. 

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