Mulfi Bin Sharaan: A Saudi who hates Cities and Loves to live in barren deserts

Most of us prefer to live in cities as compared to villages because of the facilities available in the cities. The cities are equipped with latest technologies and comfortable means of life. However, there is this strange man in Saudi Arabia who prefers to live in deserts.

He does not like city life. Living in the desert is not easy, the climate is harsh and there are fewer facilities there.  Meet Mulfi Bin Sharaan Al-Areema Al-Harbi, a Saudi who hates cities and loves to live in deserts. He is 100 years old and lives in the Thuwairat desert, which is in the northwest of Asyah.[irp]

He has a herd of sheep with him. He leads a simple life there and is not worried about what is going on around him. Yet he is aware of his surroundings as he listens to the news on his transistor radio. He listens to news to remain informed about developments taking place both in Saudi Arabia and the rest of the world.

He also uses his transistor radio to listen to programs transmitting Holy Quran’s recitation and to remain informed about prayer’s time. He does not use internet nor is equipped with a cell phone. Rather he uses his radio transistor and travelers to remain informed about the happenings.

When travelers come to the desert, they inform him about the events happening around. He opted to live in the desert, he left his family for the very reason. He now lives away from his family in a barren desert just because he does not like city life. He has been living in the desert, for quite many years now.

Living in a desert is a challenging task. The weather is extremely harsh. It is either extremely hot or is extremely cold. To bear the weather and to live a life with few facilities, one has to be strong and motivated.

Al Harbia says that he takes milk and dates in good quantity to face the challenges of the desert. He also mentioned that he sleeps outdoor, without shelter under a sky! His good health, at the age of 100 is all credited to his healthy diet, fresh and natural food, drinks and plenty of water.

He told that he drinks a lot of water every day to avoid diseases. He has a good memory as he remembers a lot about the past. He remembers historical events related to Saudi Arabia, his trip to Jordon that he made with his wife and a friend. He even remembers the details like once on their trip they ran out of the water and then lost their camel. 

He told that they would schedule their journey in winters to avoid harsh hot weather. It would take them 2 months to complete their journey. They would travel to Jordan to buy a camel, sheep, and other livestock and sell it in Buraidah.

He says that he has a great affiliation with the place he lives now. Even though the life is hard, but he can’t leave it as he had remained here since his childhood.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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