How to get motorcycle license in Saudi Arabia?

If you want to drive a bike in Saudi Arabia, you will have to obtain a motorcycle driving license. Here is the detailed procedure.

Requirements for Saudi Motorcycle License

You need to fulfill the following requirements to get a bike license in Saudi Arabia;

  1. Driving License Appointment.
  2. Minimum Age for a motorcycle license: 16 years.
  3. Efada medical report for driving license. 
  4. Payment of fee (explained below).
  5. A police clearance certificate issued by the Saudi police.

Visit Dallah Driving School

When you have all the documents mentioned above, visit the Dallah driving school you selected for the appointment.

  • They will check your appointment and require you to take a driving test on a motorcycle. This is a preliminary assessment test to check the number of classes you need.
  • If you pass the test, you will pay SR 690 to take only 2 classes and a computer test. The schedule of classes will be communicated through SMS.
  • You can attend the class remotely or physically.
  • Take the computer test; at least 22 out of 30 questions must be answered correctly.
  • Take the final test on the motorcycle; it is straightforwardly easier than the first test.
  • Print the driver’s license using the process explained below.

Motorcycle driving license test

The motorcycle driving license test in Saudi Arabia is divided into two parts;

  • In the first part of the test, you have to drive a bike between 5 cones placed in a straight line with a sufficient gap.
  • In the second part of the bike driving license test in Saudi Arabia, several circles are placed on the land and you have to drive between them without touching the lines.
  • Get the print of the motorcycle license after passing the test.

Print the driving license

Before going to take the print of your motorcycle driving license, make sure to get the following 3 things;

  1. Efada medical report for driving license. 
  2. A police clearance certificate issued by the Saudi police.
  3. Pay SR 200 fee (explained below).

Pay the fee

The fee for a motorcycle driving license in Saudi Arabia is SR 200 for 10 years. To pay the fee through Al Rajhi bank;

  • Download the Application through PlayStore or iTunes.
  • Log in to your internet banking account.
  • Click on the “Payments” option.
  • Press the “Government Payments” button.
  • Services: Driving License.
  • Application Type: Issue License.

On the next page, select the following;

  • Transaction Type: Payment.
  • Beneficiary ID: Iqama Number.
  • License Type: Motor Cycle
  • Duration: 10 years.

If the details are correct, click on the “confirm” button to pay the fee for the motorcycle license in Saudi Arabia.

Total Fee for the Bike License

You need to pay the following amount to get the bike license in Saudi Arabia;

  • Driving Classes: SR 690.
  • Driving License: SR 200.
  • Efada Medical Report: SR 150.
  • Police Clearance Certificate: SR 58.
  • Total Expense: SR 1,100.

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