Most promising professions in Saudi Arabia

Every year all big companies publish their statistics in countries they work. One of the biggest networking platforms, LinkedIn, do it as well. What is the aim? To help both employers and employees to feel the trends and stay relevant in the everchanging world.

2020 Saudi-focused Emerging Jobs Report showed somewhere surprising results (in order of descending):

Cybersecurity specialist

It's easy to understand what these people are doing, but hard to actually do. Cybersecurity experts are valuable workers all over the world because of the lack of talents.

Digital specialist

Includes a vast amount of jobs. You definitely need to speak some English and be an experienced user of the Internet.

Legal researcher

The #1 attorney helper. This person researches legal cases connected to the one the attorney currently works on.

Full-stack Engineer

This type of developer can perform a variety of tasks, including both front and backend. They also can speak with clients to understand the project needs better.


A person who provide term paper writing help for students, ghostwriting for blog owners, content help for websites… Everybody needs content today!

Project specialist

Best work for people who know a lot about everything. They are in charge of speaking to a client, troubleshooting in teamwork, member development, and many others.


Perfect for attentive people. You should execute the audit for companies and check the slightest details.

Customer specialist

As the word become more customer-driven, we need more people who can answer questions and take care of them. Usually, this job doesn’t need special skills, so everyone can try to apply.

Digital marketing specialist

Do you know how to make people in the Internet buy what you sell? Feel free to apply for this position.

Data Analyst

Specialist in data analysis collects data and translate the language of numbers into plain English to show the results of work, sales, etc.

User Experience Designer

As the data analyst is a translator from number to people, a UX designer is a person who makes product usability as high as possible. Have you ever experienced the website or gadget with a really user-friendly interface? That's the work of a UX designer.

Portfolio Manager

If you are good with money and understand how the financial market works – it's a perfect job for you. The portfolio manager is responsible for the client's funds and has a task to expand them.

Communications Specialist

Is the other name of a PR specialist. Perfect team member for presenting the company in the best way possible.

Development Specialist

This person works with human resources. Their aim is to train a fully-developed team within any company.

Digital Marketing manager

As said before, digital marketing aimed to know people’s needs before they know it. As a manager, you need to know how to lead the team to success.

Actually, this goes in line with the government's aim Saudi Vision 2030 to be as digitalized as possible. Of course, it needs a lot of new workplaces in tech and digital spheres. It's a good time to try yourself and hop in the first line of the new generation of workers!

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.