Moroccan street cleaner wins a beauty pageant

Sanaa Maatat wins a beauty pageant

Sanaa Maatat, a 25-years-old street cleaner in Morocco has become a social media star after winning a beauty pageant.

Her pictures are taking social media by storm. People cannot believe that a woman who is a street cleaner and picks up the trash can be so beautiful.

She will continue to be a cleaner

Sanaa Maatat, who is also a mother to two children, says that even though her looks and beauty can help her attain some other job, nevertheless, she will not change her job.

She feels proud of what she is and how respectfully she is adding to bring a better life for her family.

She is proud of her job

The beauty contest was organized by the OZONE Environment and Services. According to Maatat, the contest not only required beauty but also discipline at work. She is devoted to her job; she loves cleaning her country.

Video about her life

She added that this title will add to the respect of all the female cleaners. Also, they will be motivated to work better, while undertaking this honorable job! 

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