MOL terminates the expatriate who dismissed 30 Saudis

What would you do if you are hired at a better post in any firm? Will you do your work honestly or take advantages of your position in the firm? Indeed the answer is clear, we will prefer to do our work honestly in order to achieve a better position and for our dignity and also to save ourselves from any melancholic situation.

Today, I am going to tell you about something different that happened in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. One of the expats who are not identified to which country he belongs dismissed 30 Saudi National workers from their job in the firm at Al Khobar. According to the Saudi Gazette, the expatriate took advantage of his post in Human resources management.

Ministry of Labor Investigated the case

The news of this mass termination went viral on social media after which Abdul Rahman bin Fahd Al-Muqbil, the Director-General of the Ministry and Social Development in the Eastern Province took an action to follow up the case.

A specialist team was sent to the company to investigate the violation of the rules and regulations. The expatriate clearly went against the regulation of the Ministry that doesn’t allow non-Saudi to get hired on the specified positions which include HR positions. Recommended: List of Iqama Professions reserved for Saudis

The MOL reinstated all Saudi employees

In addition to this, the Ministry of Labor in the Eastern Province reinstated the 30 dismissed Saudi back to their job in the following firm. The firm was held responsible for violation worth SR420,000.

On the other side, the expat was dismissed from his post and was issued a final exit visa. A Saudi has been employed on his post in replacement.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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