MOI imposes closes mosques, stricter curfew in Jeddah

The Ministry of Interior has issued once again retightened the precautionary measures in the city of Jeddah to curb the spread of coronavirus in the city.

Newly Imposed regulations in Jeddah

In this regard, the following measures have been implemented for a period starting from June 6 to June 20;

  1. The Non-Curfew hours in Jeddah are reduced to 6 am to 3 pm.
  2. Prayers in Masjid banned again.
  3. The work in the private and government sector is suspended.
  4. Dine-in service in restaurants and cafes suspended.
  5. Banned gathering of more than 5 people.
  6. Domestic buses, flights, and trains will continue to operate.
  7. Entry and exit from the city allowed only during non-curfew hours.

The MOI has stressed that if the number of coronavirus cases continues to increase in Riyadh, they will impose a similar set of restrictions in the capital.

All the rules announced before will continue to be implemented in rest of the cities of Saudi Arabia.

The decision was taken after the number of COVID19 cases reported in Saudi Arabia has witnessed a new spike again.

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