MOE terminates expat principals of all private schools in KSA

The Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia has issued a circular instructing the management of all private and international schools to dismiss the expatriate principals and HMS with an immediate effect.

  • The decision would be implemented starting from Aug 11, 2020.
  • The decision would be implemented on all levels of schools including primary, middle, high levels.

The Deputy Minister of Education, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Asmi has written a letter to all educational institutes across Saudi Arabia to implement the decision with an immediate effect.

5710 MOE terminates expat principals of all private schools in KSA

In this regard, it has also been instructed to replace all expatriate principals and HMS of international and private schools with Saudis only. From now on, only Saudis would be eligible to work as the principal of an international and private school in Saudi Arabia.

Moreover, the school management is requested to inform the owners of the school about the new decision.

Source: Urdu News

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