The Missing Housemaid found dead on rooftop of the Apartment

The story of the young Ethiopian maid who had gone missing from the house of her went viral since day 1. The first day the maid skipped on her work, the owner had filed a missing person report, but little had that helped. Days progressed and passed, there was still not a word from her or any news about where she was. On day 6, a young woman’s body was found on the rooftop of the house and it was identified as the maid who had been serving at their residence and had been reported missing.[irp]

An autopsy of the decomposing body had indicated no signs of sexual assault and shown indications that the maid had attempted a suicide. As yet there has been no justified reason behind her motive for the suicide. Some indicate that she was either harassed or mistreated by her owners, while others have come up with the story that she had received a call informing her that her parents had died. It is equally unbelievable that the body of the maid was found from the exact vicinity from where she had gone missing 6 days ago.

Forensics and other officials at the police state within the Kingdom have begun a full report to track down if it was a suicide or was plotted to look like one. If there is any proof regarding it, it shall open doors to a whole new investigation in unmasking the mystery of the killer/murderer who had done a good job of faking the crime scene. Some reports indicate that the Ethiopian maid wasn’t happy with the people she was working for. It could be said that the owners might be directly or indirectly involved if this turns out to be a homicide rather than suicide.[irp]

The owner’s said that they had searched the house and areas nearby to look for her, but in the end, she is found from the vicinity of their compartment. There could be two possibilities, one in which either the owners had been involved in her suicide/homicide and to prove themselves innocent they had lodged the complaint before anyone suspects them, or perhaps her body was dumped there instead later. However, we cannot say anything until Police complete its investigation.

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