Missed your favorite Podcast video? Download it with VidMate

Millions of people have access to the internet. Still, downloading content is desired over streaming. Why? As the internet is nevertheless fly-by-night. ISPs suffer weekly maintenance outages, and the mobile data is, well, let’s not even go there. Thus, we have just one option: download content!

Be it your favorite Youtube video, Whatsapp story, or an Instagram story you want to treasure forever, a video downloading app can be your one-stop solution.

The app will assist you in downloading online videos to your device. This means that you can watch movies wherever and ubiquitously, irrespective of internet access. This is idyllic for trips when your network connection may be spotty. Still, the journey is substantially long and tedious enough to hop onto downloaded videos and albums to make your excursions fun-filled.

A video downloading app grants you enhanced battery health when watching videos offline. You might use flight mode on your phone to save money on signal transmission and receiving while still watching your favourite videos.

You can enjoy lengthier videos without worrying about recharging your internet device as recurrently as you would if you watched the videos online using the finest video streaming services.

Downloading videos? Sounds great, but anxious about how to do so? Well, relax. Following, we present a compilation of the top video downloading apps that bring you to ease and a top-notch video downloading experience so that you NEVER miss on your experiences.  


VidMate is a versatile yet flexible downloader and media player that work with various sites, including Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. People use VidMate to watch movies, download music easily, search for photographs and download them in high definition. Everything is completely free!

VidMate will be the paramount downloader and music player on your Android smartphone, with many audio resources and a fast download speed.

VidMate‘s consumer-friendly interface makes navigating the software a breeze. You may not only curtail time by switching between multiple music players with VidMate but can also download numerous albums, which can be saved in the mp3 format. This VidMate feature is super handy if you prefer a lecture or an audio-centric video. You have to download the audio, connect it to your mobile device, and listen to it like an eBook or podcast. Additionally, converting videos to mp3 will benefit you in conserving space.

You can also use VidMate to login into any YouTube account and sync all your subscriptions and collections across the two applications. VidMate further provides you with a range of quality options when downloading content; users can select the quality of audio and video they wish to download.

WinX YouTube Downloader

Using this app, you can download videos in resolutions ranging from 720p to 4K from over 1,000 of the most popular streaming platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, and DailyMotion. This app can also browse thumbnail previews and add subtitles to any video, making it user friendly. This app is free, but its a dearth of certain features: it does not allow MP3 downloading, does not export to as many formats as many of its competitors, and showcases advertisements that can be time-consuming.

Wondershare AllMyTube

This app includes a simple button feature that allows users to download videos with a single tap. You can also record the video as it is being streamed. The audio can be saved in several file formats, including MP3s, which are useful if you wish to listen to podcasts. AllMyTube supports a variety of resolutions and uses a multi-threaded approach for downloading. There are only a few small hitches: this application does not automatically download movies while you browse, and the consumer is restricted to a download capacity of 10 films only. AllMyTube offers a free trial, though to enjoy its features regularly, different memberships starting from $29 are available.


Why pay for AllMyTube or compromise on the video resolution with Youtube Downloader when you can get it all with VidMate? Convenience amalgamated with prodigious features; VidMate is all you need!

Visit VidMate’s website or download the app using the VidMate apk file (available online) and enjoy the finest downloading experience.

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