6 Miracles of Prophet Musa A.S given by Allah

Allah bestowed Prophet Musa A.S. with many miracles so that the Bani Israel would accept the message of Allah and forgo the wrongdoings. Miracles of Prophet Musa were awarded so that Bani Israel could restore their Iman and revert back to Allah.

The people of that time had forgotten the message of Allah and were leading a life without having faith in Allah. In the Quran, Allah has revealed those miracles so that we can have a lesson from them. In the Quran, Allah says that he sent Musa with evidence and proofs (2:92).

Prophet Musa was grown up in the palace of Pharaoh. Here is a list of those 6 miracles of Prophet Musa that was given to him by Allah;

  1. The stick that turned into a Snake – A miracle of Prophet Musa

Prophet Musa A.S used to carry a stick along with him. When Prophet Musa A.S invited the Pharaoh towards Islam, he said that he shall prove it that he is a Prophet. Prophet Musa A.S accepted the challenge. Do you know why Pharaoh did not kill Prophet Musa while he had the full authority to do it?

Then Pharaoh called the renowned magicians from all around the region. These magicians threw their ropes which started to move, and they seemed like snakes. Yet it was clear magic.

Prophet Musa threw his stick/rod which became a snake and ate the small snakes or the ropes that magicians had thrown as it was a miracle of Allah. (Quran 27:10)

  1. The radiant hand – A miracle of Prophet Musa

When the Prophet Musa A.S used to put his right hand into the bosom under his cloak, it would turn out to be a lightning one. It was a miracle of Prophet Musa so that it could strengthen his call towards Allah. Quran 27:12

  1. The splitting of Red Sea – A miracle of Prophet Musa

When Prophet Musa A.S was leading the Bani Israel so that they could escape the Pharaoh, they came across the Red Sea. The Pharaoh and his army were right behind them and in front of them was the sea.

Allah commanded Prophet Musa A.S. to throw his miracle stick to the sea. The sea with a mere touch of the stick split and pave way for Prophet Musa and the believers.

When they had crossed the sea and Pharaoh was crossing it, the sea joined causing Pharaoh and his army to drown till death.

5005 6 Miracles of Prophet Musa A.S given by Allah 01

  1. Mann-O-Salwa

The nation was blessed with prepared food from the heavens so that they would enjoy food without any worries which can be attributed as a miracle of Prophet Musa and his nation. Do you have any idea what type of Food Mann-O-Salwa was?

4711 What type of Food Mann-O-Salwa was The food of Jannah for Bani Israel 02

  1. The 12 fountains

While they were in the Tih desert looking for water, the Prophet Musa was ordered to hit his miracle stick on the rock. In the desert, a single rock was able to spur 12 fountains of water! There were 12 tribes of Bani Israel, so Allah gave 12 water fountains to them.

  1. The murder mystery

A boy murdered his lover’s uncle and placed the dead body at his neighbor’s house. People ought that the neighbor had killed the man. Yet to solve the mystery, Allah asked them to slaughter a cow and hit a piece of flesh on the dead one. The man came to life for moments and told who had killed him.


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