Minister of Health responds to an SMS, gives help in 20 mins

The outbreak of coronavirus has caused difficulties for the people. This is not something that the people and the governments were ready for.

The current situation is challenging for everyone: for the doctors, staff, workers, government, and the citizens. Everyone is going through a tough time, but what is important is that we extend our help to others.

Such an example has been set by the Minister of Health, Saudi Arabia. We know that it is Ramadan and that and people with medical needs and assistance require their equipment in sufficient numbers.

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The family sent an SMS to the Minister

A family in Tabuk couldn’t get the diabetic device. They thereby texted the Minister of Health on his number and requested for a diabetic device for the child that suffers from diabetes. The 11 years old girl is a diabetic patient and the family couldn’t find a device due to lockdown.

The Ministry responded within a few mins

However, within a few minutes of texting, they received a call from the Ministry of Health assuring them that they would be provided with the device.

The girl’s uncle Khaled Abdel Dayem praised the Minister of Health, Tawfiq Al Rabia over his quick response.

Source: Sabq

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