Mervat Bukhari – a Saudi woman who works at a petrol pump

Meet Mervat Bukhari, a Saudi woman who is running a petrol pump, open in the field, managing a team, and rated as a five-star workplace, which is no less than a pride for everyone.

Mervat Bukhari has a long career, and still a long way to go with her future vision of empowering women in multiple ways within the given environment.

She got the opportunity to work in the gas station from the investment group which invest in the gas station and were in search of an experienced woman who could supervise the service chamber of the gas station.

Bukhari stood attentively while supervising the station’s workflow and other facilities such as sports halls, hotels and other service offices.

She said through this work, she recommended many new ideas that have been developed from within the station with the vision of a woman capable of understanding the demands of the community.

Her office is near the gas station from where she manages all the work of the gas station and explained that her station is situated on the highway in the Eastern Province. 

She is planning to have a particular lane for women so that they can feel comfortable. She is aiming to provide clean toilets as well as, luxury apartments and rest houses where the travelers could rest for some time.

Mervat Bukhari said, “My goal and my future plan is for my daughters to enter the petrol station safely and without fear or tension as they find in our stores a comfortable and respectful service.

Saudi Arabia has been modernizing in a good way. Providing women the right to work, earn, and spend their lives is an excellent step under the leadership of Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Soon, there will be petrol stations 100% managed by women.

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