Mervat Bukhari – the first Saudi woman to work at a petrol station

Women Empowerment and Feminine touch do not mean wearing fancy short dresses, doing makeup and doing nothing in practice but only talk. Actions speak louder than words, and for those who want to do something practical and good, even nature supports them.

Such is the case of Mervat Bukhari whose story is a slap across the face of the pessimists and speakers against the Saudi way of life always stating negative against the Kingdom regarding the women rights.

A woman can and is running a business, open in the field, managing a team and rated as a five-star workplace which is no less than a pride for everyone.

Mervat Bukhari has a long career, and still a long way to go with her future vision about empowering women in multiple ways within given environment.

Mervat Bukhara became the first Saudi woman to work in a field in which women never worked and it is mostly conquered by men.

Bukhari explained that she started her career as a poetry writer and later as a magazine editor and then worked as an editor-in-chief of the Daily Maray newspaper which she owns.

Mervat Bukhari explained about her work in the media sector with a doctor working in Al-Haqil group where she held press interviews about women beauty and services provided to the Saudi women about cosmetics and after birth issues.

This helped her and opened a way too many opportunities like one of it was opening her own beauty Salon in Dammam. Bukhari served as the president of the group’s media division which involves one basic specialty, management of fuel station.

She got the opportunity to work in the gas station from the investment group which invest in the gas station and were in search of an experienced woman who could supervise the service chamber of the gas station

Bukhari stood attentively while supervising the workflow of the station and other facilities such as sports halls and hotel and other services offices.

She said through this work she recommended many new ideas that have been developed from within the station with the vision of a woman capable of understanding the demands of the community.

Her office is nearby the gas station from where she manages all the work of the gas station and explained that her station is situated on the highway in the Eastern Province. Soon women will start driving and her purpose is to support women through her business.

She is planning to have a special lane for women so that they could feel comfortable moreover she is working on the clean and tidy environment of the station. She is aiming to provide clean toilets as well as, luxury apartments and rest house where the travelers could rest for some time.

Mervat Bukhari said, “My goal and my future plan is for my daughters to enter the station safely and without fear or tension as they find in our stores a comfortable and respectful service.

Saudi women stood efficient in all professions and sectors that have been assigned to them displaying excellence and love the ability to work and achieve goals. She said that we are planning to provide a comfortable environment for the women where they will feel safe.

They are working on the project to preserve the dignity of women by providing security team and security cameras around the clock. Although a time will come when more renovations will be introduced soon and one among them is a digital station.

A nearby shopping center will also be built to employ more women and provide them with better services. For Mervat Bukhari, the first Saudi woman to conquer such a position is definitely an honor.

Saudi Arabia has been modernizing in a good way. Providing women, the right to work, earn and spend their lives is a great step under the leadership of Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Soon, there will be petrol stations 100% managed by women.

Source: Al Arabiya

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