What do women get in Jannah? Male Hoor?

Whenever men talk about Jannah, the first thing that pops into our minds is Hoors. Here comes the question of whether women will get male hoor in Jannah. We have explained it below.

First, we should understand that some things are unseen, and only Allah knows about them.

Allah is just and the most merciful.

No one can be more fair than Allah in whatever matter we might think about. He loves His people, and He can never be unfair to anyone. If Allah has rewarded men of Hoors in Jannah, then we shall have faith that women will be rewarded equally.

All Says: But those who do good—whether male or female—and have faith will enter Paradise and will never be wronged ˹even as much as˺ the speck on a date stone. – An-Nisa 4:124

Men and women are created differently

We know that men and women have their interests, and what pleases one may not satisfy the other, and Allah knows that better than anyone.

So women should have faith in Allah that He will reward the women with what will please them and will be to the best of their interest.

What do women get in Jannah? Male Hoor?

The reward for married women

What is more pleasing for a righteous woman than being with her husband whom she cares about and loves? In Jannah, the Muslim women will be married to their husbands, and there will be nothing more pleasing to them than that. They will live happily with their families, husbands, and children.

The reward for unmarried women

If some women are not married in this world, then they would be married to a believing man in Jannah. Some people believe that unmarried women will get male hoor in Jannah, but no Hadith confirms this.

What we know is that unmarried Muslim women will get married to Muslim men.

Will there be some jealousy?

Jannah is not like this world; it is entirely different; there is no dirt or hatred, and our feelings are not the same as we would think in Jannah. Jealousy is the worst emotion, and Jannah would be free of it.

Even if the men in Jannah are with Hoors, their women will not feel jealous or unwanted; they will be content and happy with their husbands.

Muslim woman v/s Hoors

Muslim women will have a far higher status as compared to hoors available to Muslim men in Jannah. It is because they have earned Jannah as a reward for their deeds and they are close to Allah who has entered them into paradise.

Will there be male hoors for women?

No hadith claims there will be male hoors for women in Jannah. There is no concept of male hoors in Islam.

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