Masturbating men will find their hands pregnant in afterlife

An Islamic preacher from Turkey surprised viewers on a live television show by stating that all those men who have a habit of masturbating will face their own hands pregnant in the afterlife.

The Turkish Islamic Preacher by the name of Mucahid Cihad Han made these remarks when a man confessed to him on a live television show that even though he is married and has a wife, he still regularly masturbates.

At first glance, the Turkish Islamic Preacher himself was puzzled by the strange question which had been placed before him, that too on live television.

The preacher ultimately warned the man to resist the temptations of Satan and control his actions.

Mucahid Cihad Han, the Islamic preacher clearly told the man that there is one hadith that states that those who engage in acts of sexual nature with their hands will see in the afterlife that their hands are pregnant with their child and that the hands would complain to God about their rights.

The Islamic preacher, Han said to the Turkish TV station, 2000 TV, that if the man who had raised the question had been single, he would have recommended him to get married, however, since he is already married, he has nothing else left to say.

Source: Al Arabiya

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