Men should use Women for Pleasure only – Saudi Psychiatrist

A Saudi Psychiatrist Dr. Tarek Al Habib gave a statement on how men and women should treat each other after bounding in a beautiful relation of husband and wife. His word created an uproar and became viral, after a couple of years.

According to Dr. Tarek Al Habib who is a well-known Saudi Psychiatrist, “men should use women for pleasure only”. This statement disturbed the sentiments of modern days, women creating a heated discussion heading towards objectification of certain gender. According to many women and activist, a woman has feelings, is free to be available to men and not an object to seek pleasure.[irp]

Another statement in this same video, he said women should use men to reproduce children, which created another debate for the audience. Many of the young are in the opinion that women have free will to produce kids. She has the right to spend her life as she wills.

Dr. Habib also emphasized women on the selection of husband for them. He added to his words that women have become very keen and conscious in their selection of man, women choose husbands on the basis of their outer appearance and beauty, he continued that they should lower their expectations, as a man use his wife for pleasure similarly wives use their men for procreation.

He further said that he had seen many women who turned above 35 of age and still remained unmarried because their expectations for finding a suitable partner for them is at peak. They often reject the proposals saying, “this man is too tall, this man is too short” etc.

There are an uproar and anger stirring up in the youth and women after his video, in which the Doctor Tarek has literally referred to women as an object for men to seek pleasure and reproduce babies. The women have a fair point of view to such extent, that they have been objectified and that they’re equal to men.

Many of the readers said he should feel ashamed of his sayings. He has used some inappropriate words for the unmarried women, and women in general.  The women say that their sentiments were hurt.  Many of his followers are on his side saying he is all right in his saying, the words he used for women were for the women who are above 37 years, they said these women should stop criticizing men for their beauty.

Allah has created marriage a lovely blessed contract between husband and wife. Husband and Wife both have their own role play in marriage relations. Men and women both have specific feelings and love for each other.

Marriage is not known for pleasure and procreation. It’s a beautiful and respectful relation, hence we should try to respect it. Social media is an uprising and evolving rapidly.

Speaking to Al-Arabiya following the social media outrage, Al-Habib said the video is two years old and taken out of context, explaining that he was speaking to a 37-year-old woman who was complaining about being single.

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