Meet a Saudi Family who takes care of a paralyzed maid

A Saudi family has been taking care of a housemaid for 20 years after she was paralyzed. The Ethiopian housemaid wished that she would die under their roof which led the Saudi family to care for her.

The Ethiopian maid is paralyzed in both of her legs as well as her right arm. She was paralyzed within the first year of her arrival to Saudi Arabia but she did not want to go back. 

The Saudi family has been covering her medical and other expenses ever since that day.

The wife of the sponsor has been taking care for her needs every day. Al Syoufi stated that his wife gives her bath, dresses her and feed the maid as if both were sisters.

The maid currently lives with the family in their house and it is her final wish to stay with them until she dies.

Several of the people would only see this as a total burden; however, this act of kindness towards the maid has given the family much more happiness than they have given the maid.

This Ethiopian maid is lucky to have found such a caring and open hearted family, as generally nobody would have agreed to do what they have done for the maid.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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