Al Shimrani, a Saudi man who married 16 times and has 37 Children

78 years old, retired army officer, Muhammad bin Husni Al-Shimrani is being criticized after he proudly spoke about his series of 16 marriages. Many people who read his story online, declared him as insensitive.

Al Shimrani revealed that he married 16 women and he has 37 children in total. He said that he got married at the age of 14 years for the first time but this marriage could last for 2 years only and then he divorced his wife to marry another woman. 

This is how his series of marriages began. He married 16 times and he has 21 sons, 16 daughters and his grandchildren are more than 50 in number. Al Shimrani says that he always abides by the rules prescribed by Islam and never had more than 4 wives at the same time.

He only married a new one after death or divorce of any of his wives. He states that he always tried to be just with his wives in all aspects of marital life. Islam, though allows a man to marry a maximum number of four wives at a time but also orders to maintain justice with them.

Islam requires the husband to treat his wives with equality in terms of care, respect, spending time with them and giving gifts and money. 

Al Shimrani said that once he moved to a town where he got a house with three rooms, he gave a separate room to each of his wives and also designed a schedule so that all of the women could take care of households equally.

They lived there for a year and when the family moved to a larger house each wife got her own quarter. As this report got published many people reacted harshly to the narration.

An online user expressed that Al Shimrani has ignored the sentiments and rights of the women he married rather he was self-centered and care for his own satisfaction only. The women who came in his Nikah were treated as toys merely, Al Shimrani never cares about their rights and well-being.

Another guy said that Al Shimrani’s behavior was inhuman. It is unjust to marry for divorce. What was the sin of the women who married him and got divorced afterward? 

Nasao said that when these types of marriages and divorces occur, children of these types of families suffer a lot. If they fail to get a good education and moral values the whole society suffers because of their wrongdoings.

Some of the people expressed solidarity with Al Shimrani, they said that the women who married with Al Shimrani entered into the wedlock with their free will.

It is also evident that Al Shimrani has been just with regard to the rights of his wives. Another online viewer said that Al Shimrani seems to be a wise man who can resolve different kinds of problem-related to life.

Whatever people say about Al Shimrani, I salute his courage to take care of so many wives at a time. For many husbands, even one is difficult to manage.

Source: Gulf News

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