Medical Insurance is must for Dependents to Renew Iqama

Today, all the major newspapers of Saudi Arabia have published that the medical insurance is must for families to renew Iqama. It is the requirement of the Residency Law that every employee working in Saudi Arabia must have medical health insurance. If family members (dependents) of expatriates do not have an insurance policy, Iqama will not be renewed. The decision is taken by the Jawazat after the recommendation of the Council of Cooperative Health Insurance (CCHI). CCHI will send data automatically to the system of Ministry of Interior. You can check the status of health insurance and its expiry from this link “Check Expiry of Health Insurance through MOI

Who needs to bear the cost of medical insurance of dependents of expatriates? Director of the Jawazat IT department Col. Khaled Al-Saikhan said that there will be no iqama renewal for the expatriate or his family members if they don’t have health insurance. We can draw a conclusion from this statement made by the director of Jawazat that if your dependent does not have health insurance, even your iqama will not be renewed since he is your dependent. It also reminds me about news published some days ago about the burden of cost for health insurance for Dependents. We have shared it with you in this link “Medical Insurance for Family of Expatriates is to be paid by Employer”. Moreover, CCHI Secretary-General Abdullah Al-Shareef also made a statement that if the employer does not pay the installment of health insurance of an employee or his family, he will be responsible for the fines related to this.

What to do if your employer does not arrange for the Health Insurance of Dependents: Medical Insurance will be made mandatory from 21 Jan 2015. You can ask government relations officer of your company to renew it before 21 Jan 2015. In this way, you will be able to postpone the health insurance requirement for one or two years.

In case if you have to arrange for the health insurance of your dependents, it costs around SR 1,000/- per head per annum if you avail a basic level of medical insurance from Saudi Arabia. In this insurance policy, some famous economical clinics are covered. It is good for middle-class families living in Saudi Arabia. However, if you want to reduce this cost further, SR 400/- per head is charged by some companies for Medical Policy in Saudi Arabia. They are registered companies but have very few clinics or hospitals on their panel. They will not even provide you the list of hospitals on their panel. This insurance is good if you just want to renew Iqama.

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