Medical Error by Soliman Fakeeh: 3 million compensation

It was supposed to be a 10-minute long routine procedure for the 4-year-old Mohammed Abdul Aziz Yahya when he walked, happy and cheerful, into Soliman Fakeeh Hospital (Jeddah) on 9th February 2006.

12 years later he still hadn’t left. Although the doctors and the government-appointed medical commission have all given up hope, the mother, Halima Muzzamil Hussain, a 43-year-old Ethiopian citizen was still hopeful that her son would be able to walk out of the hospital on his two feet.

The nightmare began in 2006 when the then 4-year-old, Mohammed Abdul Aziz Yahya started having minor breathing difficulties so his parents brought him to Jeddah for the best possible medical care.

They visited a pediatrician who recommended a minor routine adenoidectomy. The procedure was supposed to be performed by Dr. Mohammed Ismail Zawji, who is a specialist.

The procedure ended normally but within a few hours, the patient arrested and required to be resuscitated, after which he was transferred to the intensive care unit.

Mohammed Abdul Aziz Yahya hadn’t been able to move his limbs or even talk since he just blinked his eyes and soon after he went into a deep sleep.

According to the parents the hospital was very supportive and didn’t charge them anything for the 12 years he has been under their care and even provided the mother with residence on the hospital campus.

3 years after the surgery and after no improvement in their son’s condition the mother, Halima approached the Health Ministry.

About six years and a thorough investigation later the commission delivered its report on 16th June 2015.

The commission held the hospital 100% responsible for the mistake and ordered the hospital to pay SR 2.4 million as compensation. The hospital has put a condition that once the family accepts the money their son should leave the hospital.

Halima rejected the compensation in 2015 stating that she doesn’t want or need the money she just wants her son to get better. No matter whose mistake it was, our heart goes out to the patient and his family.  

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed raised the issue during his meeting with Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman. After the intervention of the Crown Prince who raised the compensation to SR 3 million, the mother has accepted the compensation this time.

Source: Arab NewsSaudi Gazette

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