Islamic Meaning: Seeing Allah in a Dream

Allah is the creator of the entire universe. As per Islam, seeing Allah in a dream could be an exciting experience with different meanings. Here are the details;

It is important to mention here that no one knows how Allah looks like. Muslims will meet Him in Jannah. Still, one can see Allah in his dreams according to his imagination but it does not mean that Allah looks like the imagination. In fact, the shape of Allah is beyond our imagination.

Islamic Meaning: Seeing Allah in a Dream

Seeing Allah in a Dream

1- According to Ibn Sirin رحمة الله عليه, the most incredible dream interpreter of Islam, if one dreams of Allah Almighty, it signifies that they will behold His Divine countenance in the hereafter.

2- Seeing Allah Almighty seated on the Arsh in a dream signifies an elevation in rank, knowledge, and wealth.

3- When someone sees Allah Almighty kissing them in a dream, it indicates their growing devotion and reward.

4- If a person who has been oppressed sees Allah in their dream, it indicates that justice will prevail, and they will overcome their oppressors.

5- If a righteous person dreams of standing before Allah Almighty with reverence and awe, it signifies that he will be surrounded by mercy, which will aid his growth.

6- If someone dreams of seeing Allah Almighty in a form that resembles their father, brother, or relative, and Allah is kind to them or blesses them in the dream, it could indicate that the person may face a calamity or a serious illness in the future.

7- If someone sees Allah sitting on his bed and congratulating him, it is a sign that Allah will bless him with piety, sainthood, and divine favors.

Listening to the Voice of Allah

8- If one hears Allah directly in a dream without seeing Him, it means they will receive Allah’s mercy and blessings.

9- If Allah Almighty addresses someone in a dream by their birth name and adds another title, it signifies an increase in rank and status.

10- If one hears Allah speaking to them in a dream, it is an admonition to abstain from sin.

Allah’s Anger

11- If one dreams of Allah Almighty being angry with them, it signifies that their parents are displeased with them.

12- If someone sees a dream where they hear Allah Almighty speaking to them from behind a veil, it can also indicate that they are a devout worshipper.

13- If one sees Allah reprimanding, warning, or prohibiting them from doing something, it means they are indulging in abominable actions.

14- If one dreams of running away to hide from Allah Almighty, it may indicate a change towards heedlessness.

House where Allah is present

15- A house where Allah is present in a dream is a blessed abode, where its occupants are bestowed with peace, happiness, and divine assistance. 

Praising Allah

16- Seeing a dream where you are exalting  Allah’s oneness and sovereignty has the meaning of receiving financial compensation.

Picture of Allah

17- If one sees an image in a dream that depicts Allah, it implies that the dreamer is making false claims by attributing human-like features to the Almighty, which are not befitting of His Majesty and Glory.

Disclaimer: The material used to interpret dreams has been extracted from the Ibn Sirin book for dream interpretations. You can read the book here.

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