Islamic Meaning: Seeing a Crow in a Dream

Seeing a crow in a dream could have different meanings depending upon what is it doing as per Islam. Generally speaking, a crow in a dream represents an unfaithful, impure, and liar person.

1- According to Ibn Sirin رحمة الله عليه, the greatest dream interpreter of Islam, catching a crow in a dream means that the dreamer would get involved in some wrongdoings.

What does it mean to see a crow in a dream?

2- Killing a crow in a dream is a sign that many unfaithful people and criminals would get together at the place where it is killed.

3- Making a crow prey in a dream is a sign that people at that place will make money on basis of lies.

4- According to Ibrahim Karmani رحمة الله عليه, seeing yourself skinning a crow means that the dreamer would have sex (zina) with a traveler woman.

5- According to Jabar Maghrabi رحمة الله عليه, seeing a crow fighting with another bird in a dream means that the dreamer will fight with his housemaid.

6- Having sex with a crow in a dream indicates that the dreamer would catch a thief.

7- Eating the meat of a crow means attaining a corrupted person’s wealth.

8- Hearing crows cawing in a dream means he will listen to or meet a man who earns unlawfully.

Disclaimer: The material used to interpret dreams has been extracted from the Ibn Sirin book for dream interpretations. You can read the book here.

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