Islamic Meaning: Seeing Eyebrows in a Dream

Seeing eyebrows in a dream could have different meanings, as per Islam, depending upon the situation. We have explained them below;

General Meaning

1- According to Ibn Sirin رحمة الله عليه, the most incredible dream interpreter of Islam, seeing eyebrows in dreams represents good nature, character, handsomeness, religiosity, faithfulness, trustworthiness, status, and esteem for both men and women.

Beautiful Eyebrows

2- If someone sees in the dream that they have complete eyebrows that have not been damaged, then it means that their beauty is complete and graceful. The dreamer will be successful in all endeavors.

Islamic Meaning: Seeing Eyebrows in a Dream

Damaged Eyebrows

3- If the eyebrows have fallen in a dream, then the interpretation is the opposite of the one described above.

4-According to Ibrahim Karmani رحمة الله عليه, a 16th-century scholar of Islam, if the dreamer sees that his eyebrows are missing</strong> in a dream, then it means that he will make a decision which shall lend him humiliation in religious affairs and cause riots.

5-According to Jabar Maghrabi رحمة الله عليه, if someone in the dream sees that one of the eyebrows has fallen and the other one has been damaged, then it means that his wealth and status will face a decline.

Many scholars believe that damaged or fallen eyebrows are a sign of a decline in the beauty of the faith of the dreamer.

White Eyebrows

6- Seeing white eyebrows in a dream means an increase in knowledge yet a decline in wealth.

Disclaimer: The material used to interpret dreams has been extracted from the Ibn Sirin book for dream interpretations. You can read the book here.

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