13 best massage centers and spa in Riyadh

When it comes to selecting a massage center or spa in Riyadh, there are many options available and we have shortlisted the best of them below.

Note: The list given below is not following any sequence. The best massage center could be the first, middle, or the last one on the list.

Massage Time

Massage time offers amazing massage service in Riyadh through their professional staff. Not only their Moroccan bath specialist is famous for his professionalism, but people also love the way the receptionist treats them.

  • Massage Time Location
  • Mobile: +966545666005

Massage Time in Riyadh

World Massage Center

World Massage center is very famous for its Indonesian massage therapy in Riyadh.  It is regarded as a high-quality massage service provider, who do not compromise on quality. 

  • World Massage center Location.
  • Number: +966112537555

World Massage Center in Riyadh

Massage World and Sports Fitness Center

Massage World and Sports Fitness Center in Riyadh provides customers with an aesthetic environment. They have different kinds of spa to offer to their customers and an appealing outlook. It is especially recommended for those who have back pain issues.

Massage World and Sports Fitness Center in Riyadh

Asia Spa

Asia Spa is one of the highly recommended massages and spa centers in Riyadh. Their Moroccan bath is refreshing and relaxing. They have a masseur named Jerry who is recommended by all their customers.

Even though it is expensive as compared to the other massage centers in Riyadh, it is worth spending money there.

  • Asia Spa Location.
  • Number: +966112226688

Asia Spa in Riyadh

Aqadmy Center

When it comes to sophistication and high-quality massage services in Riyadh, Aqadmy Center is the right choice. It is a costly place to go, yet they make one go through such a good experience that one doesn’t feel bad spending money there.

They have relaxing feet washing machines which allow one to have a relaxing time while they wait for the massage.

  • Aqadmy Center Location.
  • Number: +966508997755

Aqadmy Center in Riyadh

Body Massage Strong

Body Massage Strong is a gym as well as a massage center in Riyadh. They have the finest sauna baths one could ever ask for. Their massage and Moroccan bath are equally good elevated with a professional attitude and instructions.

  • Body Massage Strong Location
  • Number: +966536999649

Body Massage Strong in Riyadh

Spa Time Center

Spa Time Center offers massages to both men and women. They even offer a manicure and pedicure for males! Moreover, the best part is that their prices for massages, Moroccan baths, and other services are low as compared to other massage and spa centers in Riyadh.

  • Spa Time Center Location.
  • Number: +966552221465
Spa Time Center Riyadh Rate List.
Spa Time Center Riyadh Rate List.

Massage and Moroccan bath

Massage and Moroccan baths use hot pads to make the stiff body parts feel relaxed. Masseuses are very good as well and they know how to make their customers happy.

  • Massage and Moroccan bath Location.
  • Number: +966505310139

Massage and Moroccan bath in Riyadh

Aad Sport Center

Aad sports center offers medical massages for pain in different body parts in Riyadh. They also have different kinds of massage therapists and experts at Moroccan bath.

  • Aad Sports Center Location.
  • Number: +966544618743

Aad Sport Center in Riyadh

Hot Stones Spa

Hot stones Spa is one of the most eye-catching massage centers in Riyadh. The entire décor gives an aesthetic vibe which is necessary to get peace of mind. They offer a range of massages and their consumers love their shiatsu massage.

  • Hot Stones Spa Location.
  • Number: +966533331922

Hot Stones Spa in Riyadh

  1. Body Relaxation Center

Body Relaxation Center is one of the most professional massage centers in Riyadh that can help with sports injuries and other pains. Once you go there, you become a permanent customer. 

  • Body Relaxation Center Location.
  • Number: +966552699223

Body Relaxation Center in Riyadh


JO Spa is famous for their Balinese and Hot stones massage in Riyadh. They have a great interior and a great vibe coming from their setup. You can also make an online appointment.

  • JO Spa Location.
  • Number: +966920012924

JO Spa in Riyadh

Massage Palace

With great packages to offer, this is one of the cheapest yet professional massage centers in Riyadh. They have hired experts from Indonesia and the Philippines who are dedicated to providing quality massage to their customers.

  • Massage Palace Location.
  • Number: +966501070706

Massage Palace in Riyadh

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