Masjid Sabaq – a mosque built in the time of Prophet Muhammad

There were several mosques around Masjid al Nabwi during the time of Prophet Muhammad PBUH and Masjid Sabaq was one of them. You might wonder, what was the need of having a mosque so near to Masjid al Nabawi.

While the Saudi government has retained some mosques of the time of Prophet Muhammad PBUH such as Masjid Ghammama, this particular mosque has been removed. Here we are presenting some facts about Masjid Sabaq.

5049 Masjid Sabaq 02

1-The Masjid Sabaq was built during the life of Holy Prophet PBUH at the place where fighting horses were trained exclusively for war purpose.

2-Later on, due to haram expansion and the improvement of infrastructure, the masjid was demolished and removed. It used to rest at a distance of 520 meters from the Masjid e Nabawi in the North West direction. The following is the picture of the Masjid Sabaq before it was demolished.

5049 Masjid Sabaq 00

3-Some reports claim that the Masjid Sabaq was built where once the companions of the Prophet PBUH used to enjoy their spare time. It is said that they used to play a game whereby watermelon rinds were thrown at each other.

4-It is also said that the very area was used by Prophet PBUH and Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) to hold a race. They used to hold a race in the plains after each other.

5049 Masjid Sabaq 01

5-This location was also used for horse races. The location was used as an initial race point. The race had two ending points: the first one at Banu Zuraiq which lies just near the Masjid Ghammama while the second one at Hafyaa that at a distance of 10 km from the Prophet’s mosque.

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