Masjid al Dirar – the masjid Prophet Muhammad burned down

Masjid al Dirar has significant importance in Islamic history as Prophet Muhammad ﷺ himself ordered to burn it to ashes. Ever wondered why did he demolish a mosque?

Who built Masjid al Dirar?

Masjid al Dirar was built by Abu Amir and other hypocrites in close proximity to Masjid Quba. These hypocrites were not loyal to Islam and did not build the mosque for worship purposes, rather they built it to be used against Muslims.



Prophet Muhammad was to pray there

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was invited to pray in Masjid al Dirar by Abu Amir. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ accepted the invitation because the truth wasn’t revealed to him. He, however, was to leave for the battle of Tabuk and he promised to hold prayer there upon return.

Masjid al Dirar and Quran

When Prophet Muhammad ﷺ returned from the battle of Tabuk, the above-mentioned ayah was revealed to him and thereby he got to know the truth.

There are also those ˹hypocrites˺ who set up a mosque ˹only˺ to cause harm, promote disbelief, divide the believers, and as a base for those who had previously fought against Allah and His Messenger.1 They will definitely swear, “We intended nothing but good,” but Allah bears witness that they are surely liars. –  Surah Tawbah (9:107)

Allah ﷻ also forbade Prophet Muhammad ﷺ from praying in the mosque. 

Do not ˹O Prophet˺ ever pray in it. – Surah Tawbah (9:108)

Demolition of Masjid al Dirar

On receiving these Ayahs, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ ordered his Sahaba رَضِيَ ٱللَّٰهُ عَنْهُ to demolish the mosque by putting it on fire.

They went there with fire and entered the mosque. The lighted branch frightened the people. They started to demolish the building that was erected for unlawful purposes. The people started to run away and the summoned companions burnt down the building.

Location of the demolished mosque

Although there is no authentic way to establish the exact location of Masjid al Dirar. People believe that it was constructed at the place where there is an open ground right now.

No remains of the mosque are visible today so you cannot figure out the exact location of the mosque. However, it is a proven fact that it was situated near Masjid al Quba in Madina.

possible location of Masjid al Dirar

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