Marrying another woman without approval is not cheating

Whenever a man marries another woman without his wife’s approval or consent, the wife calls it a betrayal or cheating. However, this statement was claimed wrong when recently a psychologist said that marrying another woman without approval is not cheating.

Marrying another woman is a courageous decision

Nada Al Atrash, a Saudi psychologist while talking about polygamy in a local TV program claimed that when a man marries another woman, it does not mean his betrayal to his first wife rather it is God’s Law.

She further added rather it is a courageous decision by the man. She said such a man in this era is brave rather than betrayal because he consummated his relationship with God.

What happens after the second marriage?

Initially, the first wife feels traumatized upon learning the fact. She feels depressed and inferior and thus blames the man for betraying her.

At this point, she would demand a divorce or refuse to have intercourse with her husband. However, this reaction lasts for six months to two years.

Marriage is the responsibility of a man

Nada Al Atrash said pluralism is not the permanent option in this age. A marriage is a responsibility of a man rather than a woman. A man must meet the responsibilities of his wife and guardianship his marriage.

At this age, a man does not have sufficient capacity to meet the cost of his first wife, which means he should only marry second if he is able to fulfill the requirements of his both wives.

According to psychological research, 70% of men have the desire for duality and diversity among women, which is due to the sexual drive.

Source: Sabq

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