How to attest Marriage Certificate for Saudi Arabia?

In order to stamp a family visa for Saudi Arabia, the marriage certificate attestation from the Saudi Embassy is required. The purpose of this control is to avoid human trafficking in Saudi Arabia through fake marriage certificates.

Things to do before attestation

Before the attestation of the marriage certificate for Saudi Arabia, make sure;

  • The name on your marriage certificate is the same as the name on your Iqama or passport.
  • The spellings of translated names should be the same as passport or Iqama.
  • The MOFA (foreign office) of the issuing country has stamped the marriage certificate.

marriage certificate attestation for saudi arabia

Marriage Certificate Attestation by the Saudi Embassy

The next step is to go to the Saudi Embassy in the country where the marriage took place whether it is India, Pakistan, the Philippines for the attestation of the marriage certificate.

If the MOFA stamp is there on the marriage certificate, they will attest it straight away against a minimal fee.

Marriage Certificate attestation by MOFA

Take the marriage certificate already attested by the Saudi Embassy for MOFA attestation. After the MOFA stamp, you can take your marriage certificate to any government office and they will accept it.

It is better to take one translation copy of the marriage certificate from one of the approved translators.

Keep in mind that a Filipino was jailed for presenting a fake marriage certificate to MOFA, Saudi Arabia for attestation.

Marriage Certificate Attestation from Pakistan

You need to get a NADRA Marriage Certificate from local district authorities.

  • Attestation from MOFA (Pakistan): If you are residing abroad so your blood relation can do it in PKR 25, but the agent will take PKR 2000.
  • The agent will translate the marriage certificate into Arabic and will send it along with a photocopy to the Saudi Embassy. (Hardly take 01 days and cost vary from PKR 5000 to PKR 7500).

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