Mark Shaffer – an American who converted to Islam after visiting Saudi Arabia

Mark Shaffer, a millionaire American attorney visited Saudi Arabia on his 10 days’ trip in 2009, from where he got inspired by the religion Islam and selected it for himself. He declared his Islam on 17th October 2009, during his trip.

Mark Shaffer is a well know practiced Lawyer in Los Angeles. He specialized in the cases of civil Laws. His journey to Islam is quite inspiring and amazing. let’s have a look at it.

Dhawi Bin Nashir, a tourist guide who accompanied Mark for 10 days in Saudi Arabia, described that throughout his trip, Mark was enthusiastic and wanted to know about Islam and prayers, he asked a lot of question on this since he steps foot for the first time in this land.

It seems that he was quite interested in Islam. After arriving Saudi Arabia, Mark stayed in Riyadh where he was seen deeply interested and motivated by Islam.

After two days he moved to Najran, then to Abha and Al-Ula where, his fascination for Islam grew more obvious, especially at the time out into the desert.

 According to his tourist Guide, there were three Saudi young men who were in our group in Al-Ula and also performed the prayer in the area of the very wide desert it was a very fantastic panorama and Mark was amazed to see this.

From Al-Ula, Mark moved to Al-Jouf where he wished to get him some Islamic books and Dhawi bin Nasher obtained some books for him which he read.  Dhawi described that he was surprised when the next morning, Mark asked him to teach him how to perform the prayer.

I then taught him how to pray and make wudu (ablution). Then, he joined me and performed the prayer beside me, and after prayer, he told me that he felt peace in his soul. said Dhawi.

Throughout, his journey, Mark stood serious reading all these books. During Friday when he was in Jeddah, he wanted to join the Friday prayer so that he can witness himself how the Friday prayer is like.

Dhawi Ben Nashir said, we went to the mosque quite late, and had to pray outside, as the number of worshippers was overflowing.

Mark observed the people, especially after the Friday prayer, when everybody was shaking hands and embracing each other with radiant and happy faces. Mark was very impressed with all these and decided to become a Muslim.

After arriving the hotel, he took shower as he was told and declared Shahadah and prayed two Rakaah and later he wished to visit the Grand Mosque before leaving Saudi Arabia.

Dhawi said we went to the Dawah Center in Jeddah to obtain a formal proof of his conversion to Islam so that he would be allowed to enter the city of Makkah and the Grand Mosque and there he was given a temporary certificate of his conversion to Islam.

Mark expressed his experience saying, I could not express my feelings at this time it looks like I am reborn and my life has just started.

I am very happy and this happiness could not be expressed in words, especially I could not describe my feelings during my visit to the Grand Mosque.

Mark wished to learn more about Islam and delve himself deeper into the religion of Allah and hope to come back to Saudi Arabia to perform the Hajj.

Mark left for America from King Abdul Aziz Jeddah Airport on October 18, 2009, and before leaving the Kingdom, he filled Islam as his religion in the immigration form before leaving Jeddah.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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