Many Saudi Women don’t want to inherit money to husbands after their death

While poor people are seen dealing with the issues on how to make a living and earn money, rich and wealthy people have their own problems in life. Money and wealth can bring you luxury but peace of mind is another thing.

Having a lot of wealth and property or a large firm with a lot of assets is not an easy task to carry. One has to look after all the property, manage the accounts and take care of the business as well.

The most important part is the inheritance of such assets after one’s death or transfer of wealth in a lifetime.  We are all well aware of Saudi Arabia where Islamic Laws are followed and practiced all over.

Many Saudi rich women inherit lots of wealth and money from their parents, but due to some reasons, they wish not to share or let it go in the favor of their husband after their death.

There are many rich families in Saudi Arabia doing the worldwide business of real estate, investing in stock market and oil refineries. The owners of such companies and people doing the business of real estate have been seen getting extra famous and rich because of good business.

Some of the Saudi women are rich because they are the heirs of such wealth. A new issue has been seen following the lead of the heirloom.

Yes, in accordance with Islamic and Saudi Law, some or partial or most of the part of the property and the assets of the deceased wife is to be transferred as an inheritance to the husband.

But now many Saudi millionaire women are seeking legal ways of not letting it happen so. The reasons vary, some women say it is due to personal reasons.

Some women state that their husbands are not loyal and they want their wealth and property to be transferred in the favor of their children rather than going into the hands of their spouse.

Al-Watan newspaper reported that, from the beginning of this new Hijri year, 1,609 cases involving disowning of inheritance rights have been filed in personal status courts in various regions of Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi lawyers, Walid Al-Misnad was interviewed on this case, he said that the legal councilors and local courts are observing a large number of such cases in which the rich women are seeking ways to bar their husbands from inheriting their wealth after their death.

 One such way is to make and register a company in partnership with their children and transfer of all the assets, liquid cash which in some cases is as high as SR 30- 35 million and property in the name of that company which automatically leaves out the husband.

According to a senior lawyer, another way is by writing a will, nominating the children or any other relative. According to the sources, many women state that their husbands often cheat and they feel hurt.

So instead of letting all their wealth be inherited by their husband, they wish it to go to their children who can avail and use utilize it after their death. They don’t want their husbands to become rich after their death.

Al- Misnad said, such cases of legal advice on ways to deprive spouses of inheritance are among the strangest cases the lawyers are dealing with.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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