16 years’ jail for attacking a Pakistani model with Acid

In April 2018, Resham Khan, a Muslim, Pakistani model who was a resident of London suffered the worse time of her life as soon as she turned 21 years.

She was a professional model and was out celebrating her 21st birthday just a few months ago when she faced a horrible acid attack when an unknown man attacked her throwing acid on her face. (Video below)

She was with her 27-year-old relative Jameel Mukhtar who also became the victim of this horrible attack and got paralyzed for life.

The acid attack on the beautiful and ambitious model completely deformed her beautiful looks and she did not know how her face would look after the attack. 

The attacker was later identified as a young 25-year-old man John Tomlin.

John Tomlin pleaded to the police that he was mentally challenged.

However, Tomlin was arrested and presented in court where he was sentenced to jail for 16 years of his life after investigating the whole incident and ruling court hearing for several months.

On the other hand, the Muslim Model was able to recover and started posting her picture on Twitter just after two months of the attack. 

She has also started a campaign to create awareness about the acid attack. However, her fans were happy to see her fast recovery and praised her for her bravery and perseverance in dealing with her hard times. It really needs a lot of courage to come out of this trauma.

Source: Al Arabiya

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