Man asks permit to move between his two wives during curfew

A man asked for a permit to move between the houses of his two wives. Dubai is under 24-hour lockdown for the sterilization process. During the lockdown, Dubai police received several bizarre calls from the residents.

The lockdown has already confused the people and the people have started asking strange questions. It seems they are puzzled when to move out. One of the most peculiar incidents happened when a man called Dubai police to ask for a permit to move between the houses of his two wives.

He called the helpline seeking for permission

A senior Dubai police official was on phone answering the calls from the people. At that moment a man who was married to two women called to gain permission to visit the houses of his both wives during the lockdown hours.

No doubt this question amused the police officials. Hearing the question, the director of the Traffic department Brigadier Saif Muhair Al Mazouri reacted in the funniest way saying not getting permission is a good excuse not to be with his other wife if he does not want to see her.

Al Mazouri said they have received several questions from people. A permit is only granted for one time. He further said that the people who require to move out for necessary work will have to ask for a permit every time because the main aim of this permit is to protect them from the deadly disease.

Al Mazhouri further said that it is not logical to grant one-week permission to anyone. The lockdown is to prevent people from the outbreak and the people are not allowed to leave their house except necessary work.

The Dubai Police also advised the people to go shopping in bulk when the permission is granted and everyone, while leaving their home or visiting the shops, should wear gloves, masks and follow the precautionary measure.

People should avoid gathering and keep a distance from others. Only a person from every family should go out while children should be kept home.

Source: Gulf News

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