Man arrested for trying to swim from Malaysia to Makkah

It has been reported by the Malaysian police that they have rescued Malaysian man who tried to swim from Malaysia to Makkah which makes approximately 7,000km.

As the attempt to swim from Malaysia to Makkah seemed insane, the man was then taken to the psychiatric hospital for medical evaluation.

His Video and photographs have been making rounds on social media. The Police had detained the young man before taking him to the hospital.

Yet, he again attempted to swim towards the Holy city. The second attempt was made within three weeks. He has also been tested for drugs which resulted in negative.

On July, 12th the man had tried to swim from the same spot of the sea to meet a friend in Malaysia after he was denied inter-district travel. 

The psychiatric hospital reports claim that he has been suffering from mental illness. However, his parents have taken him to the National Anti-Drug Agency for further treatment.

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