How was the experience of buying lingerie from male staff?

A very good step taken by the Saudi Government is deploying only female staff at lingerie shops in Saudi Arabia. Buying a bra or underwear was a hell of trouble before that.

5 Problems of buying lingeries from male staff

1-Embarrassing Experience: A BBC story illustrated how lingerie shopping in Saudi Arabia was classified as embarrassing and un-enjoyable, which must come as a shock to us all.

800 Male Staff at Lingerie’s Shops – An Experience worth sharing 01

2-Personal Questions: After all, every woman wants a bra that fits, which opened a window for these men to speak to a woman about the size, style, etc.

3-Awkward: For people from a more open society, these discussions might not be uncomfortable, but for Saudi women, this was an awkward experience.

4-Communication Issues: There used to be so many difficulties for women as they had to face men for buying lingerie. She cannot tell a male lingerie shopkeeper about the specific nighties she needs.

800 Male Staff at Lingerie’s Shops – An Experience worth sharing

5-No Suggestion: She cannot obviously take a suggestion from the male staff about the new designs and styles of inner garments.

To be concise, it was a very difficult experience to shop at lingerie shops with male staff.

I would like to thank the Saudi Government who has taken the initiative to deploy only female staff at lingerie shops.

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