Apply for Malaysia Visit Visa from Saudi Arabia

Expats living in Saudi Arabia can apply for Malaysia visit visa very easily through Riyadh Embassy or Jeddah consulate. Here is the process to apply for a visit visa;

Do you need a Malaysia Visa?

Malaysia offers visa-free entry to 150+ nationalities around the world. However, there are 38 countries that still require a visit visa to enter Malaysia.

How to Apply for Malaysia Visit Visa from Saudi Arabia?

Requirements for Malaysia Visit Visa

Here is the list of requirements to apply for a Malaysia Visit Visa from Saudi Arabia. Make 2 sets of each of the following documents;

  1. Filled Visa Application Form IM.47.
  2. Two photos with white background.
  3. Salary Certificate stamped by Chamber of Commerce.
  4. 6 months bank statement.
  5. Exit Re-Entry Visa.
  6. Iqama copy.
  7. Passport + passport copies.
  8. Confirmed Airline Ticket.
  9. Hotel Booking.
  10. Invitation letter (for the business trip only).

In case you have a plan to travel to some other country from Malaysia and after that come back to Malaysia again, a single entry visa will not be sufficient for you.

Visit Malaysia Embassy

Once you have arranged all the required documents, visit either Malaysia Embassy in Riyadh or the Malaysia consulate in Jeddah;

  • Malaysian Embassy Riyadh location.
  • Malaysian Embassy Jeddah location.
  • Visa Submission Time: 8:30 am to 11:00 am.
  • Pay Malaysia Visa fee: SR 150 (cash).

The officer will check all your documents and give you a receipt for submitting an application.

Passport Collection

Malaysia Visit Visa processing time from Saudi Arabia is around 3 days. You can collect your passport the next day between 11:am to 2:00 pm.

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