Locust Burger: A new culinary trend in Saudi Arabia

People in Saudi Arabia like to eat and explore and these days, locust burgers 🦗 are a new culinary trend.

Locust Dishes

The innovative and tasty locust burgers and soups are the new trend in Saudi Arabia. They are tasty, innovative as well as budget-friendly. You can now get a tasty locust burger at  SR 7.50, with customized toppings.

They are available in marts so that you can experiment with them at your home and create an innovative dish! 

Locust in Saudi Arabia

Locusts, are found abundantly in Saudi Arabia especially in Madinah and Qassim region. But the trend of Locust-based dishes in Saudi Arabia is new and thus there are not many restaurants that specialize in locust cuisine.

Locust dishes are a new social media trend. Those who develop taste for this insect are hunting it and purchasing it in bulk.

Locust Price

The price for one Saudi locust is around SR 0.50. A packet of 100 locusts is sold for SR 50.

However, imported locusts are quite expensive. A packet of 100 Swiss locusts costs SR 172 i.e. SR 1.72/locust.

Is it Halal to eat Locusts?

According to many Sharia scholars, it is Halal to eat locusts as there are many hadith which prove that Prophet Muhammad ﷺ himself ate them.

Ibn Abi `Aufa رضي الله عنه said: We participated with the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in six or seven Ghazawat, and we used to eat locusts with him. – Sahih al-Bukhari 5495

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