Jawazat Offices in Riyadh, Jeddah & Dammam

You might have to go to Jawazat for different purposes and therefore, we have given the locations of Jawazat offices in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam for your ease.

Jawazat Offices Shopping Malls

Jawazat offices in the shopping malls provide only the following services;

  1. Issuing/canceling Exit-Reentry visas.
  2. Issuing/canceling Final Exit visas.
  3. Issuing/renewing Iqamas.
  4. Register data of passport of household labor.
  5. Taking fingerprints of household labor.
  6. Naqal Maloomat.
  7. Printing an issued or renewed Iqama.

Jawazat Offices Riyadh

There are 8 Jawazat offices in Riyadh out of which the offices in the shopping malls provide limited services.

  1. Jawazat Murabba Location.
  2. Jawazat in Al Rimal Location.
  3. Diriyah Passport Office Location.
  4. Jawazat Industrial Area Location.
  5. Jawazat King Abdulaziz Telecom Complex location.
  6. Jawazat Malaz Location.
  7. Jawazat Sahara Mall Location.
  8. Jawazat Aziziah location.
Jawazat Offices Riyadh Location
Jawazat Murabba in Riyadh

Jawazat Offices Jeddah

There are 4 Jawazat offices in Jeddah out of which 3 are located in shopping malls with limited services. Jawazat Kandara has permanently closed.

  1. Jawazat Rehab Location.
  2. Jawazat Tahlia Mall Location.
  3. Jawazat Serafi Mall Location.
  4. Jawazat Red Sea Mall Location.
Jawazat Offices Location Jeddah
Jawazat Rehab in Jeddah

Jawazat Offices in Eastern Province

There are 4 main Jawazat offices in the eastern province;

  1. Jawazat office Dammam Location.
  2. Jawazat office Khobar Location.
  3. Jawazat office Jubail location.
  4. Jawazat office Dhahran location.
Jawazat Office in Khobar Location
Jawazat Office in Khobar

Other Jawazat Offices 

  1. Jawazat office Makkah location.
  2. Jawazat office in Madina location.
  3. Jawazat Yanbu Location.
  4. Jawazat Taif Location.
  5. Jawazat Rabigh Location.
  6. Jawazat Abha location.
  7. Jawazat Al Baha location.
  8. Jawazat Najran Location.
  9. Jawazat Jazan location.
  10. Jawazat Tabuk location.
  11. Jawazat Kharj location.
  12. Jawazat Qunfuda Location.
  13. Jawazat Al Ulah location.
  14. Jawazat Buraidah location.
  15. Jawazat Unaizah location.

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